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CMI is now offering COVID testing for our clients!

No need to send or take your valuable employee to a doctor’s office and have them wait for hours and expose them to others! This simple process can be done right in your office or at your job site, shipped to the lab overnight, and you can have results within 48 hours!

CMI offers two types of tests currently:
  1. Dry Blood Spot (DBS): DBS is a finger stick test for asymptomatic employees that can be self-administered and shipped to the lab for testing. The results of this antibody testing will confirm the presence, or lack of, COVID antibodies in the individual. The antibodies take up to 2-3 days to appear once a person is exposed to the virus. Anyone positive on an antibody test should be reflexed (re-tested) using the saliva test (refer to #2 below) to confirm if active virus is present. Once the sample reaches the lab, results are posted within 12-24 hours.

    Total cost: $115.00 (includes shipping costs to the lab)

  1. Saliva: Saliva tests are easily self-collected and shipped to the lab. Results of the test confirm if the virus is detected in the saliva. This test is for employees with symptoms, have been exposed, or have had a reactive (positive) DBS (antibody) test. This COVID Saliva Testing Study shows that saliva yields greater sensitivity than the commonly used, nasopharyngeal swab and is much less invasive. Once the sample reaches the lab, results are posted in 24-48 hours.

    Total cost: $195.00 (includes shipping costs to the lab)

You will be billed up front for the full price of the test, regardless of when you actually use the test. The test kits expire at least 24 months from the time of shipment. All billing will show up on your monthly CMI invoice and you will have access to a website to check the status of individual results.

Please keep in mind, all COVID testing must be supervised by a DOT certified collector OR a healthcare professional. If you don't have access to a certified collector or healthcare professional, please contact us regarding alternative on-site COVID collection options.

If you would like more information or would like to order, please email or call Tiffany or Ashley at the number below.

Thank you and stay healthy!

Tiffany Gonzales   Ashley Nichols
Tiffany@cmidrugtesting.com   Ashley@cmidrugtesting.com
210–967–6169 x104   210–967–6169 x102

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