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Pre-Employment Background Checks

CMI has partnered with IntelliCorp to offer a wide range of innovative pre-employment verification and screening services, including criminal background checks, previous employment and education references, motor vehicle records and more. The information provided assists companies in reducing their exposure to fraud, workplace violence and negligent hiring lawsuits. IntelliCorp delivers the necessary data to make the best possible choices when making risk decisions. For more information or to register, please visit our IntelliCorp page (opens in a new window/tab.)

Comprehensive data capabilities*
  • Criminal Records Search
  • Civil court records
  • Statewide criminal searches
  • Criminal Super Search
  • Single-county court searches
  • Federal criminal records search in all U.S. district courts
  • Motor vehicle records - all 50 states
  • Social Security number verification
  • Credit reports
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
*Some checks require releases.

Our background screening service offers an easy-to-manage program, along with data security standards that exceed legislative and regulatory requirements for consumer reporting agencies. The combination of assessments and drug screening services allows us to provide one-stop shopping for all of your employment screening needs, including:
  • Advanced technologies that identify alias
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Decision support systems that suggest the best resources
  • Superior client support servicing
  • Unique solutions
  • Legally defendable results
  • Reduction of turnover by identifying transient employees
  • Verify new hires have desired skill set
  • Increase safety by reducing the chance of workplace violence
  • Reduce losses from theft and embezzlement
  • Enhance security to protect trade secret assets
  • Ensures your compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Compliant with all state and federal guidelines and the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Meets EEOC fair treatment guidelines
For more information or to register, please visit our IntelliCorp page (opens link in new window/tab.)
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